30A Soft Wash Pressure Washing ServicesOutdoor Extreme Clean is a full-service mobile pressure and soft wash company for both residential and commercial buildings among other services. We are a completely licensed and insured business serving the Florida panhandle and tri-state region. When choosing a pressure wash company to clean your residence along 30A, using a trusted and skilled contractor is important. As a part of the UAMCC, we realize how necessary it is to have properly trained, expert staff.

Each member of the Outdoor Extreme Clean crew is a UAMCC licensed cleaning contractor. Continuing education courses are very important to us and we are constantly wanting to apply the most recent methods in the field. Soft-Wash roof cleanup is among one of the many “new” industry services we offer along the 30A area including Alys Beach, Grand Point, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest, Watersound, and more. This is really important mainly because pressure washing your home’s roof is destructive and ineffective. By soft washing, we ensure all of the algae, mildew and grime are killed on-site rather than blasted aside just to come back a few months later. At Outdoor Extreme Clean, we feel in making sure we get the job done right the first time, so you can enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting result.

At Outdoor Extreme Clean, we’re extremely careful in the preparation of every job ensuring that all vegetation, power outlets and other property remains as it was on arrival. Each of our products are professional quality, environmentally safe and bio-degradable. In addition, all of our products and applications are authorized by the EPA.

With each job, safety is very important at OEC. We comply with all OSHA safety expectations to the fullest. Whether we are on a roof top, cleaning a condo complex or maintaining a 24-pump service station, every one of our employees will be in compliance.

At Outdoor Extreme Clean, your long-term business is our top priority. Our goal is always to maintain your 30A property in excellent condition so you’re able to be proud of your investment. With OEC you can be sure that your joy and an immaculate outcome is what we strive for each and every time.

Restoring your Homes Beauty Along 30A

Though 30A is situated in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the homes here have their fair share of problems to face. From the salt from the Gulf, the sand on the beach, and the sometimes-unpredictable weather, there is no telling what the exterior of your home will look like. You have probably seen those houses that were not quite white or maybe they have stains on the side. This is because they have yet to call in professionals to have the exterior of their homes looking like the day it was built. Outdoor Extreme Clean has been serving the 30A corridor for many years and are experts on exactly what it takes to make the local homes look new again.

30A Soft Wash House Washing

The first thing to look at when trying to restore the beauty of a weathered or dirty home is to power wash the exterior walls. We use a soft wash house cleaning method to make sure that nothing will be damaged as we work our magic. It is a low pressure delivery system applying soap to dirty surfaces. This way you receive the maximum amount of cleaning agents, with no damage to the paint or siding. We allow the soap to sit for up to 8-12 minutes after application. By doing this, we are letting the soap break down the enzymes in the organic materials that have stained the outside of your home located along 30A. After this we rinse the soap and dirt away with a power washer that spews water up to 8 gallons per minute. This cuts into the organic material but is not powerful enough to damage the exterior of your home.

Window Cleaning Services Along 30A

Window Washing ServicesHaving a great view out of your window is excellent for your mood. No one wants to pay for property on 30A that offers them a great view of the Emerald Coast, if they cannot even see it clearly. In these circumstances, the only thing better than a great view is a clear view through clean windows. If you have a multi-story property, you might not have any idea how to get those windows clean. That is okay, Outdoor Extreme Clean has you covered.

Whether you have a single-family house, or own a soaring high-rise office building along 30A, clean windows will provide more light, a more comfortable atmosphere, and potentially uplifting views of all that the Emerald Coast has to offer. A little professional window cleaning will go a long way.

It can be hard choosing a company for your window washing service needs. We try to make it simple by sharing our fundamental values. If these strike a chord with you, give us a try.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in 30A

The next place you will want to restore is the roof. Living along 30A, your roof has experienced the same environmental hazards as your exterior walls, but due to their positioning, will often have dirt and mildew sit for longer periods of time. While we use a similar soft wash cleaning method used for the exterior walls, we tweak it, so it will not damage your roof. We still let our cleaning agent sit on the roof in order to break down the enzymes, however afterward, we do not power wash as we do the walls. Quite often the moment you power wash your roof, it will void its warranty. Instead, we apply a solution that includes soap, bleach, and water, all sprayed at a pressure that is less than you will find in your garden hose. Afterward, we allow rainfall to wash the solution away, which is guaranteed to keep your roof looking like new for 3-5 years.

30A Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning ServicesGutter cleaning is one of those jobs that few people enjoy doing. However, gutter cleaning does not phase us at all, so why not let us come and take care of this chore for you?

If you have been shopping around for a quality gutter cleaning service for your 30A home, you may have seen that the cheapest options often do the most unsatisfactory job. We understand that predicament, which is why we want you to know that our core values at Outdoor Extreme Clean are Integrity and Pride.

We take pride in the work we do, and every gutter cleaning service we offer is performed to the highest standards. Our integrity comes into play because we will not overcharge you when the job is completed. We will always offer a fair price for the work done. We will not consider the job to be complete until you are satisfied with our work.

Gutter cleaning can brighten the entire look of your home. It can have the same effect as a new paint job. We carefully and completely remove all the grime from rain, leaves, and more from your 30A property.

Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk, and Pool Deck Cleaning

Now that your walls and roof look like new, it is time for cleaning your driveway, patio, sidewalk, and pool deck areas. After all, nothing looks more out of place than a freshly cleaned home, with old and faded outdoor amenities around it. We have a special solution that is perfect for washing mildew, dirt, sand, and algae from your driveway, sidewalks, and outdoor woodworking at your 30A home. After that, we use our solution of soap, bleach, and water to wash away all of the organic materials that have been broken down. Then, just like with your roof, we allow rainfall to clean off the solution that we used. This method does not damage any outdoor surface and is guaranteed to not only make the outside of your home look like new, but also protect it from future environmental problems that may arise in the near future.

Paver Cleaning and Sealing with Outdoor Extreme Clean

Paver Cleaning and SealingPaver patios are beautiful and often cost a lot of money. The cool thing about them is they look even better when they are wet. Many people prefer the wet paver look to the dry paver look. It is sleek, smooth, and shiny, but who wants rain all of the time? That is where paver sealing comes into play. Paver sealing gives home-owners on the Emerald Coast the wet look they desire, all of the time.

Paver sealing also prevents excessive wear and tear on your pavers, so they last longer and stay looking new. However, when you think your pavers need a little extra cleaning power, Outdoor Extreme Clean can take care of that too.

Paver cleaning and re-sealing adds value to your home and beauty to any area. In addition to cleaning and sealing pavers, we also offer Travertine Tile Sealing and Travertine Tile Cleaning.

It is no secret that using a sealer can increase the lifespan of whatever you put it on. Travertine sealing is no different. If you have travertine around your pool or patio, we can help. With our travertine cleaning services, we can make it look new again.

Choosing a company with experience, skills, and knowledge is important when looking for sealing and cleaning. If you want your home improvements to last, it is important that they are protected.

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you want to add a coat of epoxy to your floor, you might want some professional help to make sure it is applied correctly. This is where Outdoor Extreme Clean comes in. We will come into your 30A home, office, or warehouse, and apply a fresh and even coat of epoxy for you. Once it dries, you too will have the look of a well-taken care of concrete floor that is sure to impress anyone who happens across it. If you have a concrete floor in your 30A home that either experiences heavy foot traffic on a daily basis or is a place that you want to look amazing to the outside world, consider a fresh coating of epoxy.

There are a lot of reasons why epoxy floor coatings are a good idea for your concrete floor. Primarily, it creates a layer of protection for the concrete itself. This means that mud, oil, resin, sand, or any substance that you are likely to see in a typical garage or warehouse will not harm the concrete itself. Furthermore, epoxy is resistant to burning, which means that welding sparks, lit cigarettes, or an accidental fire will not harm the floor.

The Scenic 30A Corridor

As we stated before, the 30A corridor in the Gulf Shore region of Northwest Florida is among the most beautiful, picturesque, and desirable places in the entire world. Some of the smaller cities along 30A include Alys Beach, Grand Point, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest, Watersound, and more. Every year thousands of people flock to this region to enjoy fun in the sun and a thriving nightlife. There are countless numbers of beaches, boating docks, and deep sea fishing expeditions which provide fun for the whole family. At night, you will never be bored with the variety of live music, clubs to dance in, outstanding food to eat, and amazing people to meet. It is hard to find a more perfect vacation destination for a single, a couple, or a whole family.

Serving the Community for Two Decades

Outdoor Extreme Clean has been in the exterior house cleaning industry for over 7 years, so we are familiar with not only the most common environmental hazards to your home, but also how to remove those stains without damaging your exterior. Our Soft Wash house wash method has been proven to not only restore your home’s original beauty but keep it that way for a long time afterward. If you are interested in making your house look the absolute best that it can, contact us today at 850-499-6149.

Whether you need commercial or residential 30A pressure washing services we are here for you. We also serve many other areas along the Emerald Coast such as DestinMiramar BeachSanta Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Kelly Plantation, Point Washington, Inlet Beach and Grande Pointe, and Regatta Bay.