If you have invested in paving, it is only natural that you would want it to last as long as possible, and keep it looking its best. The trouble is, paved areas such as walkways, pool sides, driveways, and patios receive heavy foot traffic and suffer constant exposure to the elements. Over time, this can cause your paving to deteriorate and look less appealing. Worse still, an unsealed paver can be damaged, sometimes to where it is irreparably.

The best way to protect your investment is by sealing your paving so it is protected against wear and tear damage, as well as any harsh weather conditions here in Northwest Florida. Paver sealing keeps the surface looking beautiful for many years by repelling stains, restoring color, and preventing deterioration.

Seal Your Pavers with Outdoor Extreme Clean

While it is a good idea to seal your pavers soon after it has been installed, you can also add the sealer to old paving to restore its luster and prevent it from further damage. The benefits of paver sealing are substantial. As well as ensuring your paving looks excellent at all times, it also:

  • Brightens and enhances the color
  • Maintains weather resistance
  • Protects from salt damage
  • Helps prevent sand loss in joints
  • Repels insects
  • Helps prevent weed and grass growth in joints
  • Helps prevent moss growth
  • Repels stains, oil, and grease
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Reduces the chance of cracks and loosening of paver slabs
  • Helps prevent deterioration

You can choose from a range of finishes as well, depending on the area that needs sealing. Natural-look sealer has an invisible finish, is suitable for most surfaces, and is ideal for areas that need to be non-slip, such as pool sides. The satin look has a semi-gloss finish, perfect for achieving that “brand new” look on a permanent basis. This finish is great at repelling stains too. Gloss finish shows off the color of the paving to its best effect and gives it a wet look. This finish is also the most efficient at repelling stains.

Paver SealingOutdoor Extreme Clean offers over 7 years’ worth of experience and expertise in helping you choose the right kind of finish for your pavers. We are also experts in outdoor and exterior cleaning and protecting, so you can be confident you are choosing the right company for the job.

Serving the Emerald Coast area, Outdoor Extreme Clean uses cutting edge technology to provide you with the best service a paver sealing company can offer.

As well as sealing your pavers for long-lasting protection, we can also deep clean your outdoor heavily visited areas and get rid of any algae, mildew, and the usual dirt and grime, so they look as good as new and ready for a BBQ with friends!

Transform your outdoor areas by giving them the care they deserve. Not only will a good cleaning make them look fantastic, but you will also be prolonging the life of your walkways, patios, sun decks, and driveways for years to come.

Why stop at your outdoor areas? Outdoor Extreme Clean is also experienced at house and roof washing so your home can look as sparkly and new as the rest of the place.

If you need your pavers sealed or your outdoor areas cleaned to perfection, then get in touch with Outdoor Extreme Clean to see how we can help. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist and answer any questions.

Do not let your expensive pavers suffer. Get them sealed and protected and enjoy them for decades to come!

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