Soft Wash Cleaning ServicesYour home or business means everything to you. Keeping them looking their absolute best can be a huge undertaking. While you take pride in your environment, you do not need to do it all yourself. For all of your exterior cleaning needs, you can turn to Outdoor Extreme Clean.

Outdoor Extreme Clean is your full-service pressure wash and soft wash company in the Point Washington area. We come to you for all of your home or business outdoor needs. When you need a licensed and reliable contractor, we are here for you.

Point Washington exterior house cleaning services are vital in restoring your home or business to like new condition. We have all seen those houses with too much mold or mildew. If your property is starting to look a little ragged, now is the time to call us for home power washing. We offer commercial soft wash cleaning for your Point Washington businesses as well.

About Outdoor Extreme Clean

We service many areas all along beautiful 30A, including the Point Washington area. Our biggest priority is making sure we restore your home or business to its former beauty. We love taking care of entire neighborhoods or business blocks. The pressure washing services we offer in Point Washington will make a big difference on your home’s exterior.

Our power washing services are safe. Soft wash services by any professional cleaning contractor like OEC will not cause any damage to your property. Our equipment and staff know their stuff when it comes to Point Washington pressure washing services. We are affordably priced and offer discounts to HOA and PM Multi-Unit structures.

If you have a big job, that is no problem for us. With three cleaning rigs, we get in and out fast when it comes to residential or commercial pressure washing. In addition, we are UAMCC Roof Certified and OSHA Compliant for safety. Our staff are always in uniform, courteous, professional, licensed, and insured.

Point Washington Residential Pressure Washing Services

Improving the Landscape in Point Washington, FL

Living along the Emerald Coast, close to the waters of the Gulf or Lake Choctawhatchee Bay is a definite plus. Days are warm and sunny, and there is always something outdoors to do. Yet, living in an area close to water presents its own problems. Homes, businesses, driveways, walkways, pool patios, even windows become stained over time. Before you know it, you see just the slightest mold or mildew forming on exterior surfaces.

That is when you need to call for a power wash for your Point Washington home or business. If you have been looking at discoloration of any kind, we can remove it for you. Your home, its surrounding areas, and your business will be gleaming like new again.

Point Washington House Washing Services

Do not attempt to power wash your home yourself. It is a big job that requires the right equipment to get it done properly. In our experience, most people do not have the time or training to complete a job of this detail and magnitude. Instead, we recommend that you let our Point Washington soft wash pressure washing staff do the job for you.

Our residential soft wash house cleaning method is perfect for your needs. Over time, grime and all manner of salt, mildew, and other elements have infiltrated your Point Washington home’s exterior. We get rid of all of that without any damage to your home or commercial enterprise. Our cleaning agents break down the mold and mildew stains, we let it sit for about 12 minutes, and then we remove it comprehensively. Walls are pressure washed with water that uses a mere 8 gallons per minute. Soft wash pressure washing this way ensures that we remove dirt without damage.

Your Point Washington Roof Cleaning Company

Soft Wash Roof CleaningIf you think your walls looked bad, just imagine how the roof has suffered. Storms, wind, and rain have all contributed over time to embedding roofs with all manner of debris. Often, due to a roof’s pitch, mildew and algae will sit longer instead of running off. Our roof and gutter cleaning removes debris from your roof. No matter how big or small, our residential roof cleaning services will get it all.

A roof wash starts much the same as home soft washing. We apply our cleaning agent to your roof and let it soak in for a bit. Using a mixture of soap, bleach, and water, we then wash the roof with less pressure than comes out of a garden hose. Once the non-pressure roof cleaning is completed, we let nature take its course, as natural rainwater will wash away any remaining residue. Once again, your roof will be looking good for another 3-5 years. Our Point Washington commercial roof cleaning is just as effective.

Pressure wash roof cleaning is a great way to get your roof looking like new again. While many people think it is easy, power wash roof cleaning can damage your roof in many ways if not done correctly.

Driveways, Patios, Windows, Pavers

Need a residential driveway cleaning service? Maybe a commercial sidewalk cleaning service? Perhaps travertine tile cleaning or epoxy coatings for concrete floors? Whether it is paver cleaning, paver sealing, epoxy flooring, or travertine tile sealing, you can call us for it all. If you have been on the lookout for a concrete driveway sealing company in Point Washington, we offer these services to you. We can also offer residential sidewalk cleaning if you happen to have one on your property, or commercial driveway cleaning if your company has its own driveway. Our concrete wash is biodegradable, so it will not damage the environment.

Keeping your pool patio looking its best is tough work. Because of this, we also offer a deck cleaning service in Point Washington. We pressure wash and power wash wood decks, so you do not have to. Patio cleaning services are one of our specialties, and we will restore your outdoor surfaces to their former glory. Our deck cleaners are trained and knowledgeable in what it takes to correctly clean outdoor surfaces. Pressure washing wood deck services are done by experts that know how to maintain the integrity of your deck. Power washing a deck is a delicate task, and it could be damaged if not done well.

At Outdoor Extreme Clean, we also offer window cleaning services for your Point Washington, FL home or business. If you think that your windows are not looking their best, and could use a touch up, consider our window washing services. Our technicians understand what it takes to clean a window properly. By the time we are done, you will swear it is a brand new window.

Living in Point Washington, FL means there is beauty around every corner. Let the next sunrise or sunset show off your home or business in its best light. Our power washing services will take care of it all for you. It all begins with a phone call to Outdoor Extreme Clean today.

Serving the Community for Two Decades

Outdoor Extreme Clean has been in the exterior house cleaning industry for over 7 years, so we are familiar with not only the most common environmental hazards to your home, but also how to remove those stains without damaging your exterior. Our Soft Wash house wash method has been proven to not only restore your home’s original beauty but keep it that way for a long time afterward. If you are interested in making your house look the absolute best that it can, contact us today at 850-499-6149.

Whether you need commercial or residential 30A pressure washing services we are here for you. We also serve many other areas along the Emerald Coast such as DestinMiramar BeachSanta Rosa Beach, Sandestin, Kelly Plantation, 30A and Regatta Bay.