Sandestin soft wash pressure washing services

Outdoor Extreme Clean is a full service mobile pressure and soft wash company. We are a completely licensed and insured business serving the Florida panhandle and tri-state region. When choosing a company to clean your residence in Sandestin, using a trusted and skilled contractor is important. As a part of the UAMCC, we realize how necessary it is to have properly trained, expert staff.

Each member of the Outdoor Extreme Clean crew is a UAMCC licensed cleaning contractor. Continuing education courses are very important to us and we are constantly wanting to apply the most recent methods in the field.

Soft-Wash roof cleanup is among one of the many “new” industry services we offer in the Sandestin, Fl area. This is really important mainly because pressure washing your home’s roof is destructive and ineffective. By soft washing your roof, we ensure all of the mildew and grime are killed on-site rather than blasted aside just to come back a few months later. At Outdoor Extreme Clean, we feel in making sure we get the job done right the first time, so you can enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting result.

At Outdoor Extreme Clean, we’re extremely careful in the preparation of every job ensuring that all vegetation, power outlets and other property remains as it was on arrival. Each of our products are professional quality, environmentally safe and bio-degradable. In addition, all of our products and applications are authorized by the EPA.

With each job, safety is very important at OEC. We comply with all OSHA safety expectations to the fullest. Whether we are on a roof top, cleaning a condo complex or maintaining a 24-pump service station, every one of our employees will be in compliance.

At Outdoor Extreme Clean, your long-term business is our top priority. Our goal is always to maintain your Sandestin property in excellent condition so you’re able to be proud of your investment. With OEC you can be sure that your joy and an immaculate outcome is what we strive for each and every time and with all of our pressure washing services.

Maintaining Paradise in Sandestin FL

Even though you might live in an area that most of the world would consider to be a paradise, your home could still be susceptible to environmental elements that can stain surfaces and diminish the look that you have worked hard to maintain. It is no different on the Gulf Shores of Northwest Florida. When you look at some of the homes in the area, you will see mildew stains, salt and sand discoloration, and a variety of other factors that can turn a beautiful home, into a weathered and beaten eyesore. If this is happening to you, call Outdoor Extreme Clean today. We have served, and lived, in the area for a number of years, and we know what it takes to make sure that your house will get back to the way it was when you fell in love with it.

Sandestin Soft Wash Home Washing

The first place to start when cleaning the exterior of you Sandestin home are the walls. With our soft wash house cleaning method, we can make sure that your home’s exterior looks like new for a long time. First, we apply a cleaning solution that actually breaks down the enzymes of organic materials, much like the ones that you see staining the outside of a house. After letting it soak for 8-12 minutes, we power wash the walls with a hose that pumps water out at a rate of 8 gallons per minute. This is the perfect pressure to blast the unwanted material off of your homes exterior without damaging the paint or siding. We have found with our years of experience that the soft wash method is the most effective way of not only cleaning your home, but keeping it looking that way long afterward.

Roof Cleaning with Soft Wash

After we have taken care of the exterior walls, we will move on to soft washing the roof. It is no secret that your roof has to deal with the same hazards as your walls, but could sustain more damage, because the damaging particles will not fall off as quickly, due to the pitch of your roof. However, we will still use a similar method to clean your roof that we used on your exterior walls, with a few adjustments. We will still use the same solution to break down the enzymes of the organic materials staining your roof, and let it soak in. However, we do not power wash it afterward. The reason for this is many roof warranty’s stipulate that power washing your roof voids the warranty. Instead, we use a mixture of soap, bleach, and water that comes out of a house that has less pressure than a common garden hose. After that, we let rainfall rinse away the solution, keeping your Sandestin roof looking amazing for the next 3-5 years.

Taking Care of Your Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk, and Pool Deck

Now it is time to take care of your driveway, patio, sidewalk, and pool deck. Those areas can be similar to cleaning your walls, due to the mildew, dirt, and sand, that can damage their look. We actually will use a similar method used on your roof. It is still the soft wash method, but again it is tweaked to match the material that we are dealing with. It does not make a lot of sense to clean the exterior of your Sandestin home, without making sure that the rest of your property looks great as well. We use the soap, bleach, and water solution to drive away the environmental hazards that have stained your concrete and woodwork, and also let natural rainfall rinse away the remaining solution.

Lively Sandestin FL

Sandestin FL is known to locals as a hotspot for festivals and events. During the busy season you will be hard pressed to not find something fun to do in the local area. There is golf, tennis, swimming, boating, shopping, dining, or if you just want to relax on the beach, why not do it on one of the most beautiful, white sandy beaches in the world. Grand Boulevard is the center of Sandestin and is a lively area with fun activities for the whole family. With over 1300 accommodations, you will be able to find something that appeals to everyone in this charming area.

Helping You Avoid the Pitfalls

Outdoor Extreme Clean understands the pitfalls that homeowners on the Emerald Coast face every day. We know this, because we have been residents and have served the community for over 7 years. We understand what it takes to get rid of the common problems that everyone in the area faces, and we know how to do it with out damaging the surface areas that we clean. Our Soft Wash Method has been tested and proven to be the best method in exterior clean up, and we cannot wait to apply our craft to your home. Get in contact with us today and see just how amazing your house can look.

We serve many areas along the Emerald Coast such as DestinMiramar BeachSanta Rosa Beach30A, Kelly Plantation, Point Washington, Inlet Beach and Grande Pointe, and Regatta Bay.