Our Soft Wash roof cleaning method will be used to remove all the mildew stains and return your roof back to its original color. We do not use a pressure washer for cleaning your roof. Pressure Washing a roof, even at low pressure, can and will void your warranty as well as cause granular loss.

Instead, we use a Soft Wash cleaning method and solution as prescribed by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association Guidelines.

This means that your roof is cleaned safely with no risk of damage and will not void any remaining warranty you may have on the roof.

Our Roof Cleaning Method

Our Soft Wash solution consists of Bleach, for the killing of the algae and mildew spores, diluted with water, along with our Roof Cleaning surfactant. The surfactant helps to minimize run off of the solution as well as aides in the cleaning process. The solution is gently applied using less pressure than what comes out of your garden hose.

Once we are done, the roof is returned to its natural color and the solution is left to continue to kill the mildew spores. Rain eventually comes along and rinses any dead algae from the roof. The roof will remain stain-free for a period of 3-5 years, depending on the amount of rainfall and sunlight. We encourage you to keep an eye on it and when you first see the stains start reappearing, give us a call at 850-499-6149 and we can come out and retreat the roof at substantial savings over the cost of this original cleaning.

Keeping your roof clean and maintained will add years to the life of it and save you thousands of dollars in premature replacement. REMEMBER: Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method and solution is the only method that is recommended by the Shingle Manufactures. Using any other method, especially the use of a pressure washer, no matter how low the pressure, can void any remaining warranty on the roof. This is why we strictly adhere to the Manufacture Cleaning Guidelines.

We serve many areas along the Emerald Coast such as Destin, Miramar BeachSanta Rosa Beach, Sandestin, 30A, Kelly Plantation and Regatta Bay.

Outdoor Extreme Clean Can Bring Your Old Roof Back to Life

Soft Wash Roof CleaningHas the Florida sun wreaked havoc on your roof? Is it stained, sun-bleached, and covered in dirt and grime? Are you just plain tired of it? If you are looking for a roof cleaning company that does soft wash roof cleaning, then you are looking for Outdoor Extreme Clean.

Outdoor Extreme Clean’s roof cleaning services are just the thing to breathe new life into your tired looking roof. A clean roof can make your home or business look like new, and go from drab and dingy, to clean and crisp. Traditional pressure washing your roof can void your home warranty, but our soft wash roof cleansing system will treat your roof with the utmost care.

The cleanser is applied with less force than a garden hose, so you can rest assured your home will not be damaged. The solution remains on the surface, and you will immediately notice that your roof has been restored to its original color and looks clean and new. As the solution remains on your roof it will continue to remove harmful mildew and will eventually be washed away naturally by Florida rain showers.

If you live in Destin, Miramar Beach, Niceville, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Sandestin, then we are the soft wash home and roof specialists for you. We can take care of all your exterior soft wash needs, including sidewalks, siding, decks, patios, porches, and pool decks.

Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning ServicesGutter cleaning is one of those jobs that few people enjoy doing. However, gutter cleaning does not phase us at all, so why not let us come and take care of this chore for you?

If you have been shopping around for a quality gutter cleaning service, you may have seen that the cheapest options often do the most unsatisfactory job. We understand that predicament, which is why we want you to know that our core values at Outdoor Extreme Clean are Integrity and Pride.

We take pride in the work we do, and every gutter cleaning service we offer is performed to the highest standards. Our integrity comes into play because we will not overcharge you when the job is completed. We will always offer a fair price for the work done. We will not consider the job to be complete until you are satisfied with our work.

Gutter cleaning can brighten the entire look of your home. It can have the same effect as a new paint job. We carefully and completely remove all the grime from rain, leaves, and more. It is an economical way to make an impact on the value of your property.

We do not just stop with gutters though. We can clean your entire house, from your roof right down to your lawn. We can also pressure wash and clean pool decks, concrete surfaces, sidewalks, patios, and more. Cleaning these areas will make a big difference to your environment, and we stay up-to-date on the safest ways to clean your surfaces. Our skill and knowledge make us the preferred choice, even over doing it yourself.

We service several areas along the Emerald Coast. We are UAMCC Roof Certified, OSHA Compliant, and we offer discounts to HOAs. If you are looking for a long-term cleaning partnership, we offer discounts for maintenance contracts.

Why Choose OEC?

Roof and Gutter CleaningNo matter what you would like to have cleaned, we can clean it, and clean it right. Got hard water stains or need rust removed? We can do that too.

We do not just service residential areas. If you are a business owner, in charge of maintenance somewhere, or the head of a housing complex, then give us a call. We can wash your building and clean your storefront. We can do a concrete wash on your sidewalks as well as get rid of any unwanted graffiti.

No matter if you have one small business property or ten apartment complexes, we can take care of any of your soft washing needs. Our family-owned business has over 7 years of experience in this industry, and our customers are always our first priority.

We promise that, “Our family’s focus is to always provide exceptional service, quality and on time work at a fair and competitive price and to exceed our client’s expectations. We take great pleasure in helping you protect one of your family’s greatest investments – Your Home.”

So, why wait any longer? Visit our gallery and take a look at our before and after pictures. If you like what you see, and we are sure that you will, you can also submit the information about your job online for a free quote. For immediate service, you may call us directly at 850-499-6149.