Algae and Mildew Covered Roof in Destin Receives Soft Wash Cleaning

Destin, FL Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Our client who lives in Destiny by the Sea in Destin FL, recently had a soft wash roof cleaning done by our team.

This client’s roof was covered in algae and mildew and it was time to be cleaned.

Due to the algae and mildew build-up, it had turned the home’s beautiful flat tile roof a blackish/gray color. A clean roof can make your home look like new, and go from drab and dingy, to clean and crisp.

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

Our safe no pressure roof cleaning application made quick work of cleaning their roof. Traditional pressure washing your roof can void your home warranty, but our soft wash roof cleansing system will treat your roof with the utmost care.

The best part about our soft wash roof cleaning service is that the roof will stay clean for about 3-5 years before it needs this service again.

That’s something that the homeowner is quite happy about. A clean roof and nothing to worry abouot for a long time.