Algae, Mildew, and Dirt Infested Destin Home Receives Soft Wash Cleaning

Our team recently completed a soft wash house cleaning project in Destin, FL.

This client’s home was infested with algae, mildew, dirt, and grime and had not been washed in many years. It was due for a soft wash cleaning.

The Meeting

Our team was currently working in a Destin neighborhood and the client saw us (actually watched us for hours) working on his neighbor’s home. He was impressed with our soft wash cleaning process and came over to ask us a few questions. He described to us how his house was in bad shape since it had not been washed in many years. He wanted to know about our processes and wondered how we could get his house so clean without using high pressure.

Bad Experiences in Past

The customer then went on and explained he was hesitant to hire a pressure washing company because of some bad experiences he has had in the past. During previous cleanings, there was damage caused to his home by high powered pressure washing companies. We see and hear about it all the time.

I explained our process and how our cleaning technique actually lasts 2 to 3 times longer than traditional pressure washing. I gave him a quote and after a few minutes of him talking it over with his wife (he told us what took so long was that he got online to check our reviews) they were impressed and hired us to clean his home on the spot.

Happy Customer

Once we were finished with soft washing his home, he couldn’t have been happier. He also asked about our other services that we offer and decided to get a few more quotes from us for paver repairs to his driveway and then sealing his pavers.

Making clients happy is what we do!