tips for cleaning hard to reach windows

Tips for Cleaning Hard to Reach Windows

Did you know that there are laws regulating how many windows you must have in your house? There are also laws about window size, placement, and style. All these laws exist because your windows play such a key role in the comfort, functionality, and safety of your home. 

For all their importance, windows are one of the easiest parts of our homes to take for granted. For many busy homeowners, cleaning windows can be an afterthought at best. Here’s what you need to know about getting and keeping your windows, especially those tricky, hard-to-reach ones, clean. 

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Five reasons why you need to hire interior painters

Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire Interior Painters

It’s 10 pm on Sunday night. You’ve officially spent the best part of the weekend slapping colorful liquid onto your walls and hoping it comes out evenly. After going over the same spots and fixing mistakes, you declare completion.

You take a step back, peel the edging tape, and pick up the sheet covering your carpet to unveil…

The paint drips went right through, and your creamy beige carpet is now a polka dot smear. Why oh why didn’t you just listen when they said to hire interior painters?

If this disappointing realization sounds familiar to you, or you just simply don’t want to be in this position, it’s time to bring in the pros. Put down the brushes and the DIY guides and follow along to find out five undeniable reasons to hire interior painters for your home.

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Why Exterior House Painting Should Be Done by Professionals

Why Exterior House Painting Should Be Done by Professionals

Do you need painting professionals to work on your house? An exterior paint job is known to last for as long as seven years, depending on where you live and the climate conditions. With that kind of longevity, don’t you want it to look its absolute best?

If you’re not sure how to approach your painting project, here’s why it’s a good idea to hire exterior house painting professionals.

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