Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire Interior Painters

Five reasons why you need to hire interior painters

It’s 10 pm on Sunday night. You’ve officially spent the best part of the weekend slapping colorful liquid onto your walls and hoping it comes out evenly. After going over the same spots and fixing mistakes, you declare completion.

You take a step back, peel the edging tape, and pick up the sheet covering your carpet to unveil…

The paint drips went right through, and your creamy beige carpet is now a polka dot smear. Why oh why didn’t you just listen when they said to hire interior painters?

If this disappointing realization sounds familiar to you, or you just simply don’t want to be in this position, it’s time to bring in the pros. Put down the brushes and the DIY guides and follow along to find out five undeniable reasons to hire interior painters for your home.

1. Save Time and Energy

When it comes to painting, chances are you aren’t looking to freshen up just one wall. By the time this task comes around, there are several rooms to brighten up with multiple doors, windows, corners, and closets to work around. 

With projects like this, it’s a safe bet to assume you’ll be giving up more than a few hours on Friday night to complete it. In fact, each room will take upwards of 2-4 hours to complete. 

From choosing the right paint to struggling with tape to cover the important edges, painting is no small job. The problem is, even if you have painted before, you aren’t nearly as efficient or as well-practiced as professional interior painters. 

The pros can make your twisted tape and double covered areas into smooth, crisp corners and edges that don’t let a drop stray from the lines. Beyond completing difficult areas in a fraction of the time, they also have the knowledge to do it all right the first time.

This could save you from doing 2 or 3 extra coats just to fix up mistakes or get the right coverage. You’ll save on paint due to fewer do-overs and still get to enjoy your weekend. Even if DIY is a cheaper option, the cost of your time and energy is enough to tip the scales.

2. Tools and Equipment

The rollers and rinsed out brushes you stored in the garage 4 years ago probably aren’t the best option for a high-quality job. 

In order to pull off a DIY paint job, you’ll find yourself shelling out a pretty penny to get the best tools and painter’s equipment for your home. Fortunately, because interior painters have frequent use for their tools, they’ve invested in much better quality materials than you’ll find at the dollar store.

From brushes that don’t leave behind pesky hairs, to smart devices to seamlessly finish the edges, the professionals will have everything they need and more to get the best results. 

From quality paint to drip-proof floor coverings, your home will thank you for giving it the TLC it deserves with professional help.

3. Problem-Free Prep

If you’ve never painted before, you might be surprised to find out there’s more to it than brushing color onto a wall. Depending on the materials and state of your wall, you’ll need to sand away flaking paint, remove wallpaper, and fill unsightly holes before even opening your paint can.

Leaving sanding dust or lifted edges behind could actually ruin your finish and decrease the longevity of your paint. This means you could find yourself in the same situation a few months down the road, peeling back more layers of mistakes. 

While the cost to hire interior painters might be more than the cost of paint and brushes, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll include the necessary prep work for your job. With the knowledge and tools for every step along the way, they’ll be prepped and painted before you even have your nightly movie chosen. 

4. Less Mess

Because professional interior painters have had so much practice, they become incredibly accurate and skilled. This means that they tend to have less paint drops straying from the canvas and fewer mistakes. 

While their impressive skills may not seem relevant to you now, we guarantee that you’ll be glad you left it to them when your roof, carpet, window frames, and doors all come out paint-free and undamaged.

As a bonus, you also won’t be responsible for the cleanup duties. They’ll pack in, prep, paint, and leave your room just the same as it was before. The only difference will be the fresh and crisp new paint on your walls. 

5. High-Quality Results

There’s nothing worse than sitting down with your morning coffee and spotting a patchy spot on the wall or drip that is now permanently dried in place. 

Keeping an even coverage is a tricky task. Without proper lighting, tools, and the best paint, you might find yourself cringing at your own work for years to come. Instead of cursing your poor-skills and inexperience, guarantee yourself the best possible results, and hire interior painters. 

From start to finish, painting professionals will take care of every little detail to ensure you’ve got a fresh, new interior that you’ll be proud to show off.

Interior Painters Hiring Tips

Before you call up the first name in the Yellow Pages, there are a few things you should take into account when hiring interior painters.

While friend or family referrals are a fantastic place to start, it’s a great idea to check in with reviews and ensure your prospective painters are turning out reputable work. Have a look at their site and clarify that they have the experience and properly trained painters that you need to get the job done right. 

Stay away from companies that promise rock bottom prices by using cheap, low-quality paint or invite inexperienced workers to the job. 

Also, of course, choose a company that will give an accurate quote for the entire job, from prep to clean up. The best interior painters will even visit the job site before commencing to ensure they have the workforce and tools necessary to deliver you with amazing results.

Hire Interior Painters

Now that you know why to hire interior painters, you can step back from the paintbrush section and hand the job over to the pros guilt-free. Save your time and your sore back with the help of our team and hire interior painters you can trust. 

Say goodbye to the lengthy weekend project and hello to a fresh, perfectly painted home.

Want amazing results for your project? Get in touch with us today to ensure you’ll have the best painters for the job.