How to effectively clean paver block

How to Effectively Clean Paver Block

Archeologists believe the ancient Romans invented the paver block over 2000 years ago.

While we don’t expect pavers to last for over 2000 years, we do want them to last between 50-100 years if done right. Paver blocks are beautiful and durable, but they have a few problems like tending to lose sand, growing plants in the joints, and causing water runoff problems.

Today, we have innovations for everything under the sun, that includes your pavers.

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Why is it important to seal pavers

Why it’s Important to Seal Your Pavers

You don’t leave dust caked on your tabletops or mantelpieces, so why would you let your gutter get in a bad state? 

Did you know that the ancient Romans built roads using segmental pavers more than 2,000 years ago? Some of these roads are still usable today. It shows how good the Romans were when it comes to construction projects and architecture.

Your driveway and walkways are probably made from pavers too. They don’t only serve practical purposes, but aesthetic ones as well.

However, did you know that sealing pavers can extend their lifespan and improve the curb appeal of your property? Find out more about sealing concrete pavers and the benefits associated with it.

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