Pool Pavers Cleaned and Sealed at Sandestin Home

Pool Pavers Leveled, Cleaned and Sealed

Our client that lives in Burnt Pine in Sandestin wanted his pool pavers, releveled, cleaned, sanded and sealed.

What happened with his pool pavers was that over time water runoff eroded the sand base that the pavers sit in, and caused a washout of the sand beneath the paver and caused them to shift. 

Unfortunalety, with pool pavers this occurance happens more times than not. But our team was here to help!

Our Paver Cleaning and Sealing Process

Our first step was to make sure that all of the pavers around the pool and patio area were level.

Once we finished this part of our project, we could begin the cleaning and sealing. First, we sanded the pavers with a nutrient-free paver joint stabilizing sand.

Then we sealed the paver with Surebond 8700 which is the highest quality sealing product made for professional sealing companies on the market.

Once the pavers were sealed, the sand between the pavers will become almost as hard as a rock, which drastically helps in preventing erosion caused from waterrunoff.

This process will allow our client to enjoy his pool deck for many many years to come hassle free.