Hard Water Stains Removed From Sidewalk in Sandestin, FL.

Sidewalk Soft Wash Concrete Cleaning in Sandestin

Our client who lives in Sandestin, FL recently received a letter from his HOA regarding the appearance of his sidewalks.

This client’s sidewalk was covered with hard water stains and was due for a cleaning.

Our team arrived at the Burnt Pine Neighborhood the very next day to remove these hard water stains from the sidewalk in front of his home.

The Concrete Cleaning Process

Hard water stains like this are caused by minerals in the water, and the sprinkler systems overspray getting on to the concrete.

A special chemical is used to remove these stains called F9 Barc. Once we clean the sidewalk to kill the algae and mildew and rinse we apply F9 Barc.

Unfortunately, the stains will come back unless a water treatment system is installed to remove the minerals. Another preventive maintenance idea would be to have your landscaper redirect your sprinkler heads to not produce overspray onto your sidewalks.

When your HOA letters come, give us a call, we will get you off their naughty list!