When is the Best Time to Soft Wash My Home?

Soft Wash House Cleaning

Did you recently move into a new house or apartment in the Destin area? Are you focused on keeping your home clean as much as possible?

If so, then you should ask yourself “When is the best time to soft wash my home?” With soft washing, all you need is some soap, water, bleach, and a sponge to get rid of messes on the walls, porches, and roof.

The amount of time you need to soft wash your home will depend on the environment you live in, as well as the time of year. With the right knowledge of cleaning homes, your house or apartment will look new on a regular basis.

Here are some tips to determine the best time to soft wash your home.

How Weather Plays a Role

The chances that mildew, mold, and algae will stick around at your home will depend on the weather in your area. Some people live in an area that experiences frequent changes in weather, which means that they need to pay more attention to the presence of these organisms.

When it comes to when to soft wash with this factor, you’ll need to do so when the weather is hot and humid. Dirty organisms hang out more in conditions with more moisture, which is more common in warm and damp environments than those with cool air.

Pay attention to your driveway, sidewalk, patio, and other areas on hot days so that you can clean these spots up before dirt starts to get comfortable. Pool owners will also need to soft wash often on humid days before and after going for a swim.

Different Seasons

If you’re still wondering the best time to soft wash your house, then you’ll also need to think about the time of year. If you live in an area where the seasons change regularly, then you’ll need to give your house a look at several points throughout the year.

The best way to go in this case is to wait for the end of each season to give your home a good cleaning. The different weather conditions that come with each season leave varying levels of grime on your house’s walls and roof.

With a soft wash to your patio or walls after one season, you have less work to do to get it ready for whatever the new season throws at you. Make sure to dress accordingly during each season so that you stay warm or cool and your clothes don’t leave behind extra dirt.

Location Near Roads

The road that your house or apartment is situated near also plays a role in both how often, and when you need to soft wash your home. The closer your road or driveway is to your home, the more time you’ll need to spend cleaning up the outside.

Dirt roads will give your home the worst time because of how much debris and mold they leave for your car to take with it to the garage. These roads can also create frequent messes if people drive through the area on a regular basis, or if you make constant drives to and from your home.

Give your home a soft wash every few months if you live near a dirt road so that you can keep it looking spotless throughout the year. Those who live in dry areas or experience dry periods will also need to take caution near dirt roads.

Distance from Trees

If you have a house or apartment that is surrounded by trees, or has several trees that are only feet away, then you will have to keep your cleaning gear ready for a soft wash.

Your roof and other areas near the top of your home may need attention because of the sap that can build up from nearby trees. Some trees can produce more excess sap than others, and the closer the trees are to your home, the more you’ll have to deal with.

Trees can also leave debris and dirt on your walls and roof on a windy day, which can increase the chances of your home needing a soft wash. Address these issues as soon as possible so that the messes are easier to clean.

Storms Along the Emerald Coast

The amount of time you have to spend soft washing your home may also depend on how often big storms come through your neighborhood. Even if you’re only expected a small amount of hail or wind, you should keep your soft washing tools handy to address messes early.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and other storms can leave a large amount of debris and water to clear out if you’re lucky enough to avoid property damage. In addition to having to deal with scratches and mold, you may have to deal with spores that decide to stick around after a storm.

In this instance, the best time to soft wash your home is as soon as the storm clears. Make sure to remove all debris, so that you have a safe and productive area to clean, as well as less work to do around the yard.

Constant Rain

Another way that mildew and mold can make your home their new hangout spot is if your area experiences heavy or frequent rain. If you’re new to soft washing, then you’ll learn that one of the best soft washing benefits is having a better understanding of how the elements affect your home. Living in Destin or the surrounding areas alon the Emerald Coast, we are no strangers to rain.

Dirt and debris can make their way into your gutters and downspouts if you don’t clean them on a regular basis. Depending on how much it rains, water can find ways to get inside your house and leave leaks and damage to the paint.

If you receive reports of possible rain within the next day or two, keep your cleaning kit ready and empty your gutters so that water isn’t a problem. Don’t take any chances and have your gear ready to go, even if you only get a sun shower.

When is the Best Time to Soft Wash My Home?

When asking yourself, “When is the best time to soft wash my home?” you need to consider the different factors that can give you a hard time.

Hot and humid days, as well as heavy rain, can leave more dirt for you to clean. The distance from roads and trees to your home also determines how much you’ll have to deal with.

With this guide, you can use soft washing to keep your home clean as often as possible.

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