Window Cleaning Hacks: How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Window Cleaning Hacks

When heading in and out of your office every day you likely have a million things on your mind. Plans for the day, meetings you need to prepare for, employees you need to connect with, what’s for lunch, etc, etc, etc. 

Because of this, you might miss some things that customers will be quick to see, that are vital to your business’s impact. When was the last time your building had a good window cleaning?

Hopefully, you don’t have to think too long and hard about that one. 

Cleanliness is one of the first things customers notice about a business. Often overlooked, window cleaning is one of the top investments you can make in your businesses’ outward appearance. 

Here, we’ll tell you everything you never knew that you need to know about window cleaning. 

Why Does Window Cleaning Matter?

There are many reasons why having clean windows is important for any home or business. Here are some of them.

Natural Light

Clean windows mean lots of natural light. Studies have found that plenty of natural light can increase the productivity of your workforce and their health indicators. 

The same is true for retailers. Natural light makes for a more pleasant shopping experience. 

Curb Appeal

Clean windows can enhance your buildings’ curb appeal. Before your customers even come inside, they will notice your windows. If your building looks dirty outside, customers will expect it to be dirty inside. 

If you’re a retailer, clean windows can lead to more window shopping, which may translate into more walk-in business. 

Regardless of what your business is, clean windows help potential customers see your business clearly. 


Regularly cleaned windows signal to potential customers that your space is clean, safe, and inviting. 

Which would you rather enter into, a restaurant with dirt caked on windows and doors or one with sparkling clean glass and entry points? That’s a no brainer. Other businesses are the same way.

Convey Professionalism and Success

Dirty windows communicate a lack of care, which can be seen as a lack of professionalism. 

After all, if you aren’t inclined to look your best at street level, are you inclined to look or be your best at any level? Dirty windows say it with a resounding no.

If you want to achieve success, dress the part, and we don’t just mean your wardrobe. Keeping up with the exterior maintenance of your business is a small investment for long-term gains. 

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

The answer to this question depends on where you are located and the kinds of weather conditions your windows face. 

Things like heavy rainfall, dust, and debris kicked up by construction projects, pollen, and seasonal bugs can all lend to an increase in the need for external window washing. 

You may find that your windows need more cleaning during certain times of the year or under certain conditions. Generally speaking, getting your windows cleaned at least once a month is a good starting point. 

Once you have them washed an initial time, you’re just working on maintaining a base level of external cleanliness. 

Window Cleaning Tips

If you have a small business, or only a few windows to worry about, there are some tips and tricks that can take you a long way in the DIY department. 

Timing is Everything

This might sound crazy, but there is a right and wrong time to clean your external windows. 

Ideally, your windows are getting cleaned when it’s a bit overcast or cloudy, or at least when the windows aren’t in direct sunlight. 

Cleaning them in direct sunlight can make the cleaning solution dry on the window. Leaving a thin film that can trap dirt and dust on your windows. 


Wait, what?

That’s right, you want to pre-clean your windows before you wash them.

Just like when you are cleaning wood on a deck, getting rid of large debris before cleaning can go a long way. By sweeping away some of the dust and debris before you add liquids, you won’t end up with a muddy mass of grime and window cleaner. 

Tools Matter

We’ve outlined why clean windows are so important, but how do you get them to gleam? You’ll need the right tools for the job.

Depending on the scale of your windows, you might be able to get away with a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle of your cleaning solution, and either newspaper or coffee filters to do the washing.

Newspaper, or coffee filters if you don’t want ink on your fingers, will do the job of cleaning the window. A final wipe with a microfiber cloth will act as a finishing touch, absorbing any remaining liquid without leaving behind any lint.

If you’ve got a lot of windows or large windows, you should consider using a squeegee. Make sure to wipe the blade with a dry cloth between swipes.  

If you really want to take your windows that extra mile, you can seal your external windows with a rain repellent treatment. That way even when it rains your windows will still shine. 

Call in the Pros

There are certainly a ton of sources with great ideas for DIY cleaning tips and homemade cleaning products. However, going at your windows the DIY route may end up costing you in time in the long run. Especially if you have lots of windows or multiple buildings to consider. 

Finding the best window cleaners in your area may just be the best investment you make this year. 

I Can See Clearly Now

Have we shown you the natural light that comes from a freshly cleaned window? 

The importance of clean windows for your business can’t be overstated. Whether you decide to clean your windows once a year, once a month, or even once a week, we are here for you. 

Over time, clean windows will help your business stand out from the crowd, creating a lasting positive impression on the community. 

We offer a wide range of external cleaning services that are suitable for any home or business, at competitive prices.

Our trained professionals look forward to exceeding your expectations. We’ll help your home or office look its best year-round.