Seven Warning Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Gutters

Seven Warning Signs It's Time to Clean Your Gutters

You don’t leave dust caked on your tabletops or mantelpieces, so why would you let your gutter get in a bad state? 

Gutter cleaning doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when you realize how important gutters are to your home. 

So, what are the tell-tale signs it’s time to clean them out?  Next time you’re giving them a once-over, look out for these seven warning signs.

First, Why is Cleaning Your Gutters so Important?

Gutters have one job, which is to divert water away from your home. When there’s a deluge, heavy rains could ruin your siding, windows, doors, and foundation.

If you have clogged gutters, you’ll end up splurging on costly damages. The water will also build around the foundation of your home and cause the foundation to erode, potentially lead to basement flooding. Gutters also prevent staining and stop mold or mildew growth.

1. Birds or Pests Are Crowding Around Your Roof

If squirrels, mice, or other small creatures are scurrying around, then it’s a sign you should clean your gutters. Gutters can be the perfect spot for four-legged critters to create a nest as it has materials readily available needed to build one.  

If you leave the problem alone, the unwanted guests can attract larger animals like snakes or feral cats. At the first sign of nesting, call a gutter cleaner as they’ll know how to gently remove nests before tackling the debris.      

2. Water Spills Over the Sides

Before you Google “when should I clean my gutters?”, check to see whether water spills over either side of your gutters. 

The obstruction can cause runoff water to gush over the sides of your gutter, resulting in costly water damage repairs. An example is if your basement floods during this time, it’s because the water has spilled over the sides. Even if you spot a small leak, it’s time to unclog the inside of your gutter.

3. Plants Are Beginning to Grow

Cleaning gutters is a must-do when your gutters bloom.  

Large amounts of dirt get washed into your gutters from the roof.  Because of this, plants, weeds, grasses, and even flowers can take root. 

The seeds get blown into the gutter, and if the gutters aren’t drained properly, these seeds can be exposed to enough soil and rainwater until, next thing you know, little green plants are sprouting. Once you notice plants, it’s time to get a cleaning as plenty of leaves, dirt, and debris are needed to get to this stage.

Also, if needs take root in your gutters then plants can spread to your roof where they can cause significant damage to your roof supports and shingles.  

4. Sagging Gutters and Staining

When your gutter sags, it’s because it carries the weight of debris, leaves, and shingle grit.

If enough debris stays in your gutters for a long stretch of time, the excess weight will wear on the gutter itself. Your gutter may even pull away from your home, which means it also must be repaired.    

Staining is also a problem because it shows there’s standing water in your gutter system.  If you notice there’s a collection of stains along your fascia board beneath the gutters, or along your home’s siding, give your gutters a once-over. 

This is because only blocked gutters will overflow during periods of heavy rainfall causing the water to splash against the siding. Also, if this stagnant water is kept there, it’ll eventually leak into the fascia or other areas which can result in rotting and discoloration.

5. Can’t Remember When You Last Cleaned Them

Out of sight means out of mind, which may be why you haven’t cleaned your gutters in so long.

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned them, it’s safe to assume you need a serious cleaning session.  Aim to clean your gutter every season, two to four times a year, so your home is properly protected against potential water damage.

6. Your Roof is Leaking 

Cleaning gutters can be frustrating, but leaky roofs are far worse.

Water that isn’t directed to the ground can build-up on the roof and soak through shingles, resulting in significant damage.  To save you the cost of repairing your roof, regularly clean out your gutters.  It’s a win-win situation.

7. Season Changes

Gutter cleaning is important if your region experiences sub-zero temperatures.  

For example, if the spring and summer months bring heavy rain and thunderstorms, you’ll want to clean your gutters so the water can flow through.

In contrast, winter means plenty of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. It’s essential you clean the gutters because when winter takes its grip, it can freeze and make gutters more difficult to clean.  It can even result in ice dams.

Now it’s Time to Get to Gutter Cleaning

Hate it or love it, gutter cleaning can determine the health of our property.  Whether it’s a summertime shower or snow is falling, it’s essential to water can runoff your gutters to prevent a buildup of mildew, mold, and any water damage.

Also, as much as you may love animals, your gutter is not the place to home them. It’s important there’s nothing clogging your gutters and if so, it’s time for a clear out.  Happy cleaning!

If your home is need of an extremely clean, we’d love to chat.  Contact us here for more details.