Should I Buy Gutter Guards for My Home? This is What to Know

Should I Buy Gutter Guards for My Home? This is What to Know

Gutter guards cost between $4 and $12 per foot to install. This could cost you around $1,500 for a mid-sized house.

Folks may choose to install gutter guards for a number of reasons. They reduce the amount of maintenance required on your gutters. They may also protect against corrosion and help you avoid infestation. 

They are, however, a significant investment. Some believe they are not worth the cost.

Do gutter guards work for most homeowners? A lot depends on your unique situation. 

Let’s take a look.

Reduced Maintenance

Gutter guards can help prevent debris, such as dirt and twigs, from clogging your gutters. They will not, however, create a magic seal that will keep you from ever cleaning your gutters again.

Gutter guards can reduce the amount of maintenance your gutters will require. You may, for example, need one cleaning each year rather than two. All gutters will need to be cleaned eventually.

You should also keep in mind that gutters with guards may cost you more to have professionally cleaned. There is extra work involved in removing and reinstalling the guards.

Before deciding if gutter guards are right for you, think about how long you are planning to live in your current home. If you know you won’t be moving for many years, the cost of saving on the number of professional cleanings your gutters require might be worth it.

Most gutters require professional cleaning at least once per year. It is especially necessary for autumn when leaves are falling directly into your gutters and could cause rain to overflow. The spring and summer may bring shedding foliage depending upon your landscaping.

Gutters that are free from debris will keep your downspouts flowing freely and prevent clogs. 

Damage Protection

When soggy leaves or branches clog your gutters and overflow onto your roofline, algae and mold will begin to form in your roofing. This can damage the structural integrity of your roof.

Regular professional gutter cleanings will add years to the life of your gutter system and roof. Investing in a gutter screen can help you cut down on the cost of gutter cleanings over time.

Gutter covers can also help prevent water from sliding down the sides of your home and behind the siding in warmer months. This will keep mold and mildew growth from getting out of control.

Avoiding Infestations

Another advantage of gutter guards is that they can keep rodents and insects from building homes in your gutters. You can keep water flowing freely by reducing nesting material and standing water in your gutters.

Gutter screens also keep out critters that sneak in behind your gutters.

Fire Protection

Another added benefit of gutter guards is that they can keep the dirt and leaves in your gutters from coming in contact with floating embers. If there are ever bonfires, burning leaves, or fireworks in your area, gutter guards could save your home.

Choose Your Gutter Guard

The type of gutter guard you choose will depend upon your unique roof style. You should consult with your contractor before choosing one that will best protect you. It is important to get gutter guards professionally installed, as improper installation could damage your roof and gutter.

There are two basic categories of gutter guards. Mesh guard screens are made out of wire, nylon, or foam. They are easy to install but may not last as long as covers.

Covers can be made out of aluminum or plastic. No debris can get through and they last longer. The downside is a possible limit of water flow to your gutters.

Types of Guards

Consult with a professional about the best type of guard for your home.

Mesh gutter guards are sheets filled with holes that attach to your gutter. They may attach to your roof shingles.

When shopping for mesh gutter guards, look for smaller holes over larger ones. They won’t clog as easily and will sift out debris to let water flow smoothly down your gutter.

Bottle brushes face upright so debris can rest on top while water flows downspout. They are easy to install right through your gutter. If you are looking for a gutter guard you can install yourself, bottlebrush guards require no tools, cutting, or fasteners.

Non-gutter covers will replace your gutters with thin louvers that divert rain off the roof.

Finally, foam gutter screens are made from a plastic that will fit directly into the gutter. They will block debris from falling from your roof into your gutter.

Do I Need Gutter Guards?

Whether or not you will see a return on your gutter guard investment depends on a number of factors. If you prefer to clean out your gutters yourself once a year and see yourself living in the same home for many years, it might be worth it to invest in some.

If, however, you are not sure where you will be living in a few years, gutter guards might not be worth the hassle or expense. You will pay a little more for yearly cleanings and not reaping the full benefits of your investment.

Flowing Free

The best gutter guards will keep your gutters free of debris and keep water flowing freely for years to come.

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